Panchayatiraj Talim Kendra 

(In-service training centre for village revenue secretary)

In (month?)1963 Balavantrai Mehta committee has recommended three levels (Village, Taluka-Block and District) of decentralised governance structure, which was accepted by Gujarat state. Village was considered as an administrative unit for local self governance, where capacity building of elected representatives and in- service revenue secretaries was very import. In consultation with state government, Lokbharti has taken this responsibility to establish and sustain Panchayatiraj Talim Kendra since(month?) 1963.

In the process of rural reconstruction after independence, it was extremely necessary to cultivate democratic values among rural masses.. Hence, Lokbharti took this challenge. In the initial years formal-informal, long term- short term various orientation and trainings were given to Panchayat functionaries. Since many years these trainings are confined to only new recruited village revenue secretaries of the state.

The Development Commissioner Panchayatiraj Department of the state is supporting Lokbharti to run this centre. At present as per government’s norms and syllabus, this training centre is providing basic training of 75 days and 14 days of refresher training to village revenue secretaries.

Lokbharti has necessary infrastructure as well as core ( specially appointed core) faculty members to look after this centre. Because training centre is located on campus , trainees have an extra advantage of various departments, experts and ambience to learn .Lokbharti is contributing towards good governance sector in rural areas by running this centre.

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