Edicational Concept

Education is a continuous process. The remarkable specialty of Lokbharti lies in its educational system. To maintain this continuity and foster a sense of national pride, at Lokbharti the concept of community life lays emphasis on co-education, physical labour, education in mother-tongue, wearing khadi, agriculture, gaupalan, and further gives importance to subjects like language and literature, economics, science, philosophy and history of political thoughts, etc.

for the comprehensive and balanced life of man. In India, the traditional educational system initiated by the British rulers, mostly technical education seems to have some positive results. With this little exception, on the whole, there are three major drawbacks of the traditional educational system. First, it is not life-oriented as it is only service-oriented. This has given rise to the problem of the educated unemployed or under-employment, which is a contradiction in itself.

Second, the traditional educational system tends to alienate the individual from society, with the result that our bureaucracy becomes exploitative. Third, India’s most of the population lives in the villages. Production of primary and essential wealth takes place in the rural areas. Despite this, the educated people dwell in urban India and they look down upon the rural poor with disdain. The country is thus sharply divided into two unconnected parts- Firstly the majority which is in the villages producing wealth, but without modern scientific knowledge of agriculture or dairy development, and second the minority which is traditionally educated living in cities, which have no ampathetic touch or dialogue with, understanding or not willingness to extend a helping hand to the Nation’s other half. In this reality, how can we think of achieving national harmony and peace? Lokbharti’s dream is to find a solution to this problem. Today’s education should be rural-oriented and it should be practical, socially relevant and beyond books.

This would not be only money-crazed industrial education but practical education with reference to living life and problems of the society. It should have compulsory residence system with community life so that a sense of responsibility towards society becomes day to day and habitual for students. Social problems which exist today should be also correlated to this education. Studies of language and literature, agriculture and animal husbandry, co-operation, economics, science, environment, history of political thoughts and philosophy should be emphasized. Man is essentially a two faceted being: one is a commodity and material producer-consumer and the other is a socially aware being. To make every man and woman a synthesized entity of this dual being is the goal of Lokbharti.

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