About Lokbharati

‘Lok’ means a vast rural population and ‘Bharati’ means Goddess of learning.

Established in 1953, Lokbharati is an institution delivering education to address problems of rural India. It is a pioneer in rural higher education (in Gujarat or India?). It is a movement; a vision in action, an ideal in realization and a rural revolution that imparts higher education to people of rural India, who otherwise are unable to access it. Lokbharati is a trailblazer in having a unique self-sufficient, eco-friendly lifestyle that strives to improve every aspect of the life of (rural) people and their wellbeing in rural India.

Lokbharati is basically an empirical model of Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of basic education termed as- ‘Nai Talim’. After having 40 years of experimenting with basic education (1910 to 1953), Lt. ‘Rushivarya’ Shri Nanabhai Bhatt started Lokbharati near Sanosara village in Bhavanagar district of Gujarat state in India. The vision was practically implemented and nurtured by great Gandhians & Educationists Shri Manubhai Pancholi, Shri Mulshankarbhai Bhatt, Shri Natvarlal Buch and highly competent and dedicated team of individuals so far.

The aim and objective of Lokbharati are represented by its motto. “Vidya” or introspective knowledge of the self (Learning to be) and “Avidya” or knowledge and skills that one learns in life for livelihood. Lokbharti’s vision is that these must be taught together in a correlated manner based on practical (knowledge, education?), productive labor and concerned socialization by living together. When not in sync it leads to almost dichotomous partition between the ‘classes’ and the ‘masses’, rendering towards an unsustainable model of the recent functioning society .

Academic programmes and trainings


  • Bachelor of Rural Studies (BRS)
  • Master of Rural Studies (MRS)
  • Diploma in elementary education (D. El. Ed. )
  • B.Ed. (Basic)
  • In-service training to village level revenue secretary (Talati) at Panchayatiraj Talim Kendra.
  • Trainings, demonstration, Information to farmers, village women, youths through Krishi Vigyan Kendra.
  • Training, Exposure, need-based capacity building programmes to surrounding rural primary schools throughCommunity Science Center.
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