Bachelor of Rural Study – BRS

Lokbharti rural higher education institution is unique, pioneer and autonomous in the country since 1953. It is an empirical model of Gandhiji’s vision of basic education – NaiTalim. It promotes a unique, self-reliant lifestyle that strives to improve every aspect of people’s lives in rural India. The main aim of BRS course is to develop a cadre, who has willingness, abilities-skills and appropriate values to work with and for the rural communities to enable them for practising sustainable lifestyle and democratic values to bring prosperity and wellbeing. This outstanding and innovative model of education is a golden gift by legendry (Rushiverya) educationists Shri Nanabhai Bhatt, Shri ManubhaiPancholi, Shri Mulshankar Bhatt and Shri Natavarlal Buch for reconstructing new India to bring true Swaraj after political freedom from British rule.

It has always been an institution delivering education to address the problems of rural India. It is a movement, a vision in action and rural revolution that imparts higher education to people otherwise unable to access it.

Lokseva Mahavidyalaya offers

  • Bachelor of Rural Study (B. R. S.) Three years’ undergraduate course

  • Master of Rural Study (M. R. S.) Two years post graduate course (More info...)

The university grants commission (U. G. C.) has given autonomous status to run these courses and affiliated with Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji- Bhavnagar University. It is worth mentioning that National assessment and accreditation council (NAAC) of U. G. C. has ranked grade “A” to LoksevaMahavidyalaya.

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